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The Kettle Companion – Near or far, wherever you are

The Kettle Companion is an assisted living product, that helps those who live apart to stay connected, by illuminating when a loved one activates their kettle at home.

This is signaled through a monitoring plug and communicated via Wi-Fi to a paired Kettle Companion in another user’s home. Additionally, if there is a change in pattern of use, for instance, an elderly parent has not had their habitual morning cup of tea by the usual time, the paired Kettle Companion will illuminate red. A text message alert can also be sent to the owner of this appliance, prompting them to check on their loved one.

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  1. Tom Rooney (verified owner)

    This is a lovely device that works well. I am writing my review as I am about to buy a second one. I have looked into this technology my self, and I believe that Kettle Companion have developed a solution that is cost-effective and reliable. I would encourage others to support them.

  2. Alex Middleton

    Brilliant device that gave myself and my aged mother piece of mind. My Mum lived on her own, was frail but independent. I live over 60 miles away. If she hadn’t put the kettle on by 10.00am I immediately received a text message to that effect. I would phone her right away to check she was OK. You can determine the time yourself when an “alarm text” should be sent. This is an unobtrusive and reliable little piece of kit that I would highly recommend to anyone with elderly parents.

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