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We’re very happy to provide more information and answer your questions, but if you're ready to buy, the price is £5O + VAT and P&P. Click the link below to purchase and we'll get a KettleCompanion kit on its way to you!

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In today’s world we are increasingly aware of how important it is to feel connected.
Do you ever wonder if a loved one is okay? Ever wonder if they are up in the morning, or arrived home after a trip?
We might not want loved ones to feel we are fussing, but often they feel reassured that someone cares.

That’s why we are introducing The Kettle Companion.
Near or far, wherever you are.

But what exactly is it?

The Kettle Companion is an assisted living product, that helps those who live apart to stay connected, by illuminating when a loved one activates their kettle at home.

This is signaled through a monitoring plug and communicated via Wi-Fi to a paired Kettle Companion in another user’s home. Additionally, if there is a change in pattern of use, for instance, an elderly parent has not had their habitual morning cup of tea by the usual time, the paired Kettle Companion will illuminate red. A text message alert can also be sent to the owner of this appliance, prompting them to check on their loved one. 


Paul's mum, Mary, loves the Ambient Kettle. She used to worry that if one day she can't get out of bed, nobody will let her dogs out into the garden. Now she has the peace of mind of knowing that at 10am Paul's Ambient Kettle will turn red and he'll get a text, letting him know that his mum hasn't had a cup of tea yet. She knows he'll come round straight away and let the dogs out for her.
If Alice wants to phone her dad in the morning, she keeps an eye on the Ambient Kettle in her kitchen, waiting for it to turn from blue to green. Then she knows her dad is up and about, and she can phone him without disturbing him while he's still in bed.
If James happens to see his Ambient Kettle doing its "boil" sequence changing from blue to purple to red, he often phone's his mum for a chat. He knows she'll have a cuppa in her hand and she'll be really pleased to hear from him and knowing that he's thinking about her.
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